Smart Sense – Dashboard for an IOT based project

Built a dashboard for IOT based project SmartSense which helps to monitor current energy consumption of the whole plant and can also help to track the generation from green energy generation as well as diesel generators. Have lots of other appliance tracking such as Transformers, Motors, Chillers etc. Tech Stack AngularJS, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Highcharts, […]

Document management for Legal industry

The platform also allows users to maintain a detailed history of each document by defining versions and comparing changes between different versions. This feature enables users to track the evolution of the document over time, providing a comprehensive audit trail that is critical in legal proceedings. In addition, the application includes advanced features such as […]

LMS – Providing a platform to course content

This project is a web application that is a component of a full-fledged learning management system. The consumer-facing application allows students and parents to browse through various courses, review course previews, and subscribe to a course or connect with the provider. The user-friendly platform is tailored to meet the unique needs of schools and colleges, […]

Utility – Enterprise grade FTP server’s WebInterface

This is a contemporary web application designed to facilitate the utilization of an enterprise-grade FTP server. It provides users with a comprehensive web interface, enabling them to navigate through files, preview content, play audio and video files, view images, and access a slideshow of pictures. Moreover, users can add keywords to files that can be […]

Healthcare – Thermal scanning kiosk application

This application is build during peak time of covid 19 across the world, the goal of this application to eliminate manual scanning of visitors of places like the airport, hospital, school, college, mall etc. The application was built as a kiosk app which will have a thermal camera attached to it wirelessly, it will automatically […]

Test Engine – Dashboard and Funnel generation UI

This platform offers automated testing capabilities for a diverse range of applications, leveraging artificial intelligence to learn from previously executed tests. Users can create customized workflows, run tests, schedule testing sessions, extract data, generate reports, and access an audit trail. Tech Stack ReactJS, Redux, Material UI, HTML/CSS

Hospitality – Application suit for Crew members.

Hospitality – This application is a suite of multiple applications, consisting of both a mobile application and a web application. It is designed to serve the Crew members of Cruise Lines and features distinct modules such as Crew, Housekeeping, Incident, and Notifications. Through this application, Crew members can seamlessly connect with internal staff members, manage […]

Restaurant and Hospitality – Table designer, allocation

This project is a critical module within a sophisticated web application developed for cruise lines. The table designer, allocation, and reservation application is specifically designed to manage table layouts in multiple restaurants aboard the cruise ship. Using this application, administrators can design table locations and allocate tables based on different food options, while allowing customers […]

Hospitality – Cruise application suit for Sailors.

This application is a comprehensive suite of multiple applications, encompassing a mobile/tablet application, TV application, and web application. It is specifically designed to cater to the needs of Sailors aboard Cruise Lines, and features distinct modules such as Sailor app, TV app, Digital infotainments, and Device management. Through this application, Sailors can easily browse through […]