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Javascript is one of the technologies that UpForce Tech works with. It is utilized to create interactive webpages and provide our clients with rich web applications according to their specifications. The ease of use of this particular technology helps us to make the web application simple to use and do complex tasks on client side. The Javascript also makes our client’s application more user friendly.


We have the expertise in making a website exciting and interesting with the aid of Javascript Framework. It is particularly helpful in improving both the look as well as the functions of a single web page.


By using particular frameworks we at UpForce Tech believe in incorporating elements that will make the application stand out by miles ahead of that of our client’s competitors. With a host of complex applications and greater interactivity, our clients are a satisfied lot as they get magnificent website with exciting features and enhanced usability at cost effective rates.


That is not all though! UpForce Tech believes in giving their clients 100% satisfaction without compromising on time. Our small team of experts are intensely professional and hugely experienced in working with modern technologies including Javascript Framework.


We, at UpForce Tech make every effort to harness the power of AngularJS that comes to us courtesy Google. It is a good example of an open source framework for the JavaScript. Our team with its ample experience has mastered the techniques for utilizing the AngularJS perfectly and can help you to enjoy added functionality on your website via the Single-Page Apps.


You do not have to be concerned about any doubts surfacing while developing the frontend of your website. UpForce Tech believes in learning from the best and have the advantage of querying the top techies from Google thanks to the huge open community available for assisting with issues related to AngularJS.


By using Angular we have a strong idea of how to develop a client-side application. Rest assured, we are here to cut short your workload once your web application is up and regardless of the type of task you are engaged in. It can range from a simple hobby to a vast resource for marketing your products. UpForce Tech strives for perfection and using the various features of AngularJS will only help you to experience top quality when it is about the functionality of your applications/ website.


Another huge plus that necessitates the usage of AngularJS is its capability to act as a complete solution for front end development without requiring any kind of additional plugins or frameworks.

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UpForce Tech makes use of supreme usefulness of jQuery while developing your web application for you. We can maximize the functionality of your site with minimum of effort thanks to the power of jQuery. Our use of modern technologies happens to be extremely flexible too and gives us great leverage that will help in successfully developing the front end for your resource.

jQuery as a JavaScript library can be utilized effectively to simplify the process of interaction between the standard Javascript codes and various HTML elements. Sure, you already know about the efficacy of JavaScript when it comes to making your web application become interactive and more dynamic. jQuery, however, is an apt tool to streamline the entire process not only by making the HTML codes much simpler but also by solving the compatibility issues between different browsers. It therefore helps us to complete your task speedily and you will be able to delight all your customers with an aesthetically pleasing web application that can be viewed via a host of browsers with 0 loss of quality.

The tool comes with its share of disadvantages too. Fortunately, they can be overlooked as the number of benefits outweighs its drawbacks significantly thus enabling us at UpForce Tech to complete a quality web application for you well within your deadline and at cost effective rates.

Ionic Framework

UpForce Tech keeps itself constantly upgraded with the advanced technologies of today. It will therefore be no problem for our core team to come up with a timely solution that you need for your website or your mobile app. It may be that your users have lost interest in desktops and laptops and try to stay connected 24X7 with the aid of smart phones. So why not have a hybrid mobile app built that can assist you in displaying your hybrid application across different platforms too thereby never losing touch with your target audience even more a minute.


Thankfully, UpForce Tech can help you to achieve your goals without much ado. The highly skilled and experienced team is well versed with Ionic Framework that can be described as a HTML5 based ‘mobile app framework’ required for the development of a host of hybrid mobile apps. It utilizes the common technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and is created on top of AngularJS.

You can thus get to have your cake and eat it too by being able to access your hybrid application on different platforms via different mobile operating systems courtesy Ionic Framework. Joining forces with us will help you greatly to reach out to an increased number of customers with time effective as well as cost effective solutions. Moreover, with this excellent Open Source Framework we will help you to take the advantage of cross mobile apps with no additional effort or expenses required.

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UpForce Tech is dedicated to its use of HTML5 along with CSS3 to provide you with a quality experience vis-a-vis your application and/or mobile app. True, both these technologies are describes to be age old tools for techies but their power can never ever be underestimated. The initial Hyper Text Mark Up language has been modified over the years to arrive at its most recent avatar, the HTML5 that is believed to be the back bone of front-end developments.


With the UpForce Tech team enabling your website to be accessible on various platforms at the same time, without loss of quality that too on low power, you will find it to be indispensable to you in the long run. With HTML5 comes CSS3 that helps us to guide you about how you ought to create a well designed web page. Indeed the cascading sheets have proved to be invaluable for a graphic designer who can design your webpages with the aid of this very versatile language.


All you have to do is to help us understand your business goals. The UpForce Tech Team will handle the rest for you by providing you with the perfect web application/mobile application as per your requirement with the aid of HTML5 tools and features.

You will not be disappointed with the same effect to be found across all platforms irrespective of the operating systems used. You have the word of UpForce Tech on that! However, the best feature to be enabled for you courtesy HTML5 is its offline cache of applications that can be utilized by you to give your own clients a taste of offline experience as well.

UpForce Tech is committed to give you the best of all worlds. We will create your website methodically by incorporating just about everything you want courtesy HTML5 elements and you will definitely be overjoyed to find your website being ranked significantly higher on search engines as a perfectly structured HTML5 webpage attains a higher position on being re-indexed by Google and other search engines.

Also, we have used many HTML5 features which are browser specific yet very useful for users of the application, few of such features are like using chunk based file uploads, showing 50mb worth of log data in a log viewer, sound clips editing, file downloading etc.