Hospitality – Cruise application suit for Sailors.

This application is a comprehensive suite of multiple applications, encompassing a mobile/tablet application, TV application, and web application. It is specifically designed to cater to the needs of Sailors aboard Cruise Lines, and features distinct modules such as Sailor app, TV app, Digital infotainments, and Device management.

Through this application, Sailors can easily browse through all the attractions and events taking place on the ship, book a table at a restaurant, reserve seats for events and excursions, and subscribe to the Wifi. Sailors can use the tablet app to control the lights, curtains, TV, and play music in their cabins, while the TV app provides digital content and information about the ship, events, and excursions. The device management module is dedicated to Crew members, who can use it to monitor the devices being used by Sailors and provide assistance as required.

Tech Stack

ReactJS, Redux, React Native, HTML/CSS, Android Native, Objective C